Friday, August 10, 2012

A Gospel-Preaching Trip to Kenya

Bishop Chriss Barasa Lusweti, overseer of the Word of Life Harvest Church (a network of approximately 80 churches in western Kenya and eastern Uganda), has invited me to speak to a pastor's conference in Eldoret, Kenya, in January of 2013. He expects 400 pastors to attend, both from a wide geographical area and from a multitude of denominations. Bishop Lusweti has (incredibly) been a reader of this blog, and believes that I will be able to communicate the Gospel in fresh ways to the pastors who attend the conference.

Being from a rural area, Bishop Lusweti cannot afford to pay for my transportation to Kenya.  He (and his church) will provide local transportation and lodging (with the Bishop and his family) during the four-day conference.  I would like to raise the approximately $3,000 that travel to Kenya, conference preparation, and incidentals will cost.  If you would like to help in this effort, please email me at and let me know how much you can help. Below is a brief interview with Bishop Lusweti conducted by a pastor who was a speaker at a similar conference several years ago. You know, to prove he's a real person.

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