Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catholic Action!

There are a lot of different Bibles out there. Go to your local bookstore, and you'll find Bibles for groups ("Make some non-Christian friends"), Bibles for teens ("Don't look at bad internet sites"), Bibles for the retired ("You can still have a vocation in your golden years"), Bibles for men ("Remember, don't look at bad internet sites"), Bibles for women ("Right now, men are looking at bad internet sites") and on and on. The text of these Bibles are almost always from the NIV, and therefore the same. It's the notes, the exercises, and the study guides that differentiate them.

This in mind, I went into my sacristy before church last week, and saw the book pictured to the left. I'm curious, what notes, exercises and study guides might we find inside? Got any ideas? Serious and funny ideas welcome...

Example: For group discussion: Who would win in a fight, The Pope or The Terminator? And go deeper: In what ways are the Holy Spirit and the T-1000's liquid metal constitution similar?

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